Date: 15 May 2019

Software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Logic Pro X

Skills: Video production, audio production

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This project is a trailer that aims at learning how to produce video and audio content to a cinematic standard. All steps were taken from creating storyboards, scripts and shot lists to coordinate production stages. Post-production stages included making corrections, putting the shots together, altering audio and also create sound and audio effects for the trailer.

ANON is a trailer based around a hacker activist (“Hactivist") who has struggled to try to make changes in the world in order to tackle corruption and greediness. Therefore, she proceeds to make a difference through corrupting the network of elites and greedy institutions in an attempt to improve the lives of the next generation of the youth.
ANON is inspired by a popular series called Mr. Robot and has attempted to re-create the same atmospheric feel and creepiness.
ANON is a psychological and techno thriller with a touch of drama and crime. The idea that is motivated behind this is to shed the light on the current situations of worldwide governments and the rise of corruption and greediness. As we move further into age, there seems to be no bright future for the next generation of youths. This is all in the hands of our world leaders who have continuously exploited our freedom.
ANON trailer shows a millennial who has been lost in the current state of the world, obviously addicted to drugs and carcinogen in order to numb the painful truth of reality. But her intentions do not reflect on her actions. As we dip back into her past, it appears that she resembles a normal living millennial. Her and her best friend have planned together a cyber attack to save the world. As they plan their first attack on the corrupt systems, it is clear that they are being watched. Unfortunately, after conducting the plan, things don't go the way that they had initially hoped for. As things get out of control and in the midsts of chaos, Elena finds herself panicking, while being high on many drugs, she loses control of herself and faints out of fear. She then finds herself faced by the investigator who had been watching her all along leaving the viewers with a cliff hanger.
The name ANON is derived from the word “Anonymous". Anonymous is a group of hacker activist who are well known for their cyber attacks on governments, businesses and organizations that do not conduct proper free-speech and open internet sensibilities. Anonymous also appears in the trailer warning the future generations of the dangers of the world we live in.

The trailer was shot using Sony FS7 at 4K resolution using 50mm lens and 18-35mm lens. All the post-production editing was done on Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro. The audio was recorded on the ZOOM H4n and was processed and altered on Logic Pro X. All audio effects were created on Logic Pro X.

1. Storyboards

2. Post-production corrections

3. Still shots