Date: 20 September 2019

Software: Unity3D and Autodesk Maya

Skills: game developing, C# scripting, interaction design

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EMOX is an interactive 3D music visualiser experience created on Unity3D which is part of my final project for my MSc in Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies at Brunel University London. The video below will take you through all the six unique environments that I created where each scene will react to the audio that is being played. The audio-reactivity occurs by collecting audio spectrum data from any song that is passed to it and using that data to manipulate emission, colours, speed, scale, noise flow-field movements and atomic particles. The user can chose from ten different unique songs and is able to toggle between them using the 0-9 keys on the keyboard. The application will take the user along a path and giving the ability for the user to look around using the arrow keys.

The motive behind this project comes from a deep interest in developing and creating unique and entertaining experiences for users, something they have never experienced before. By breaking down the norm, this project takes on a challenge to build an experience that is niche and exclusive. With a lot of built up of creative fluids, this project attempts to tell a story as the user travels through the experience and is taken from start to end. The story starts of by highlighting the most important thing in the world that keeps us and our planet alive – water. Water gives the ability for trees and the environment to grow and expand and then this is where we stand as humans, we could not survive without water or the environment. As humans, we also take our complex and compound bodies for granted so this project tries to celebrate the human body. As we continue to exist and grow as a species, we came to discover a form of civilization and a very vital part of our lives today – light and electricity. Furthermore, a major celebration of our modern civilization is also presented during the journey and tries to mimic the speed at which we are growing by setting users in a trance and then, we landed on the moon. We are technically capable of anything.

1. The Inspiration

2. The Story

2. Design Plans

4. Implementation of audio connections

5. User-testing results